IDF detains 2 Palestinians who entered Israel from Gaza

IDF detains 2 Palestinians who entered Israel from Gaza

The Palestinians were handed over to the Israeli security forces for questioning. The Israeli government says the territory is part of its ancestral homeland and the fate of the settlements must be resolved through negotiations with the Palestinians.

The border fence contains a bevy of sensors and cameras to support the large number of soldiers who regularly patrol the area.

The Israel Marathon Association said the Association of International Marathons and Distances Races had displayed a "discriminatory nature" against the Bible Marathon that "will certainly result in great anger" among runners around the world.

Maurer stressed that the ICRC's longstanding humanitarian work in the Gaza Strip gives it credibility with the leadership there that other organizations may not have.


In its letter, the Israel Marathon Association asked that the Bible Marathon's membership in the international body be restored.

The army said that the two were taken for questioning after being captured by IDF soldiers, who spotted them crossing the border fence in southern Gaza.

He also expressed his desire to join the prophet Muhammad in paradise in his post, which was supposed to serve as his last will and testament.

It provides the only access from the occupied West Bank to Jordan; Israeli occupation forces control the crossing. They offer privileges to those who teach it to out pupils.