Reasons You Will Want The iPhone X

Reasons You Will Want The iPhone X

The 'Super Retina display', as Apple have catchily named it, has a drastically increased 2K resolution, supports HDR video content (Netflix on the commute just got better), but obviously has lost the Home Button.

This is the iPhone X. Here are the new iPhone X features you'll love and a few you'll hate.

Reporters were not allowed to roam around the main building, but it is said to have an open floor plan to encourage collaboration, to the alleged dismay of some employees.

In the last era of the Apple lead, the iPhone 7 Plus conveyed exceptional camera usefulness and was viewed as the top notch gadget in the range. The store will sell the usual Apple products and accessories, along with custom shirts bearing the circular logo of Apple Park's main building for $40.

The new device comes with thin bezel and an edge-to-edge 5.8 inches diagonally OLED screen. The largest improvement to these smartphones is probably the inclusion of the new A11 Bionic SoC, as featured in the iPhone X. Both the efficiency and performance cores are quite a lot faster than in the previous A10, and it's a hexacore processor this time too.

As with every new piece of hardware, we obviously get the software updates that make it all worthwhile, and Apple say iOS 11 is going to make the iPhone "more capable than ever", which is a claim we can get on board with.

Analysts are super bullish on Apple after the 'powerful, lovely' iPhone X

A portion of the further developed and new highlights to be incorporated into the iPhone X won't really move to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Without knowing the price, it is difficult to make a case for value for money, especially as the more powerful iPhone X has been confirmed. Allow Recombu Mobile to fill you in on the release date, specs, new features, prices and images aplenty. The display is also powered by True Tone technology that adjusts the screen's brightness according to the ambient light from surrounding environment.

Apple iPhone 8: What is it? There is no confirmation, however, that Apple will re-evaluate its choice in regards to smaller scale SD, and this adaptable card innovation will keep on being rejected from the iPhone territory.

For slow-motion, 1080p at 240fps means you have twice as many frames to play with than before so you can slow it down twice as much without any degradation. It tracks 50 facial muscles to sync the emoji even when you're talking and lets you send your "talking head" to a friend.

Apple opened up its brand new Apple Park campus in Cupertino, California, for the first time for a press conference. It is made from aerospace-grade aluminium, while the paint is applied using a seven-layer process.

The chassis design has glass up front and is a completely new design, which can be had in silver, space grey or gold. Apple claims this provides twice the CPU and four times the GPU power compared to its predecessor.