Don't blame PSG draw on absent Neymar

Don't blame PSG draw on absent Neymar

Meunier, however, said PSG are not reliant on Neymar, with head coach Unai Emery able to call upon Edinson Cavani, Kylian Mbappe and others.

"There's no way I'm the Neymar of Bordeaux".

The on-loan forward from Monaco might be trying to portray team unity through the image, but the effect has been completely opposite, with the man of the moment nowhere to be seen.

Cavani looked and hurt by the actions of his teammates, and the incident seemed pre-arranged between the Brazilian pair.

The newspaper suggests the falling out between Neymar and Cavani has caused a huge rift in the PSG dressing room, with the majority of the squad siding with the Uruguayan striker who has been at the club for four years.

Cavani has hit the ground running this season with the French side, but his status at the club has been affected by the signing of Neymar from Barcelona this summer.

Cavani rejects the [money] that Al-Khelaifi offers him to cede the penalties to the Brazilian and close the crisis. Individually they know how to get the team out of complicated situations.

'And who is this?

Al-Khelaifi and Antero Henrique, the club's sporting director, are said to have treated Neymar like a deity and he has responded in kind, acting with an arrogant sense of superiority towards his fellow players. Aurier joined Tottenham Hotspur, and Matuidi joined Juventus, but PSG couldn't sell the rest of the players.

According to some bookmakers, Manchester United are the favourites to sign Cavani.

Needing to comply with FFP regulations, the fire sale at PSG is likely to continue in the January transfer window. Neymar apologising to his strike partner for his selfishness. Cavani is of the quality and standing demanded by Real Madrid fans.

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