SNES Classic Edition reportedly hacked, added helpful features, games, and more

SNES Classic Edition reportedly hacked, added helpful features, games, and more

If you're like me, you managed to get a hold on the SNES Classic and have been enjoying its library of 21 games.

It seems like Nintendo doesn't care about modders modifying their Classic systems. The Super NES Classic that Nintendo released last month uses exactly the same SoC, with the same controller outputs and the same ports.

While the retro game system works seamlessly based on consumer feedback, it appears that the manufacturer overlooked a certain function.

Not every SNES game will work using this method, but hundreds of them will. Hackchi2 works with pretty much any NES game, but many SNES games ran on custom-designed chips, making emulation hard.

Since then, SNES Classic Mini fans in the United Kingdom have had to turn to global websites if they wanted to pick up a pint-sized console.

Much as many customers feared in the wake of the NES Classic Mini shortage, the followup SNES Classic Edition sold out nearly immediately following its release late last month. "So, please keep this place tidied up and don't break everything!" Don't remember Star Fox 2? The SNES Classic has nine games less than the NES Classic, and it costs $20 more. "Originally, shipments were announced to cease at the end of this calendar year".

The NES classic was always sold out everywhere, and fans were very disappointed when it was discontinued.

The Russian hacker ClusterM has updated his hakchi2 mod to include support for the SNES Classic, including automatic ROM conversion for files that aren't already in the SNES Classic's default format (the author recommends users with incompatible games check out the RetroArch mod for those titles).