Looks Like Conor McGregor's Next Opponent Has Been Chosen

Looks Like Conor McGregor's Next Opponent Has Been Chosen

McGregor, who is still yet to book his next fight after losing to Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match, could be set for a one-off WWE appearance.

UFC 216 took place this past Saturday in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena, and in the main event, Ferguson (23-3) submitted Kevin Lee (16-3) in the third round to become the interim 155-pound champ.

The prospect of a fight between McGregor and Ferguson is an exciting one given their love of standing in the pocket and throwing heat. If Ferguson tries to stand with Conor for an extended period of time it will be lights out, in my opinion. He's tough and durable, so he may take a couple of smacks, but at the end of the day, Conor's going to be way too clean and too technical. "You don't want every movie to be "Transformers" but when it comes it's hard not to get caught up in the hype and go to IMAX and go see it on the big screen and get caught up in the excitement, the drama and the explosions, the fireworks and all of that", he said to

"I honestly think that people would rather - like, I think people would rather see Conor vs. Diaz", Roddy said on Submission Radio. "It wasn't the norm but as a change of pace it was certainly interesting and intriguing and I think compelling".

"The first two fights, the back and forth between the guys and the way the fights went - you know, who wouldn't want to see the third fight?" While it doesn't have the history of the Diaz-McGregor fight, that's still a good fight and a lot of people are gonna pay to see that and that is a good backup plan for the UFC and it is the legitimate fight.

Conor McGregor is widely regarded as one of the best fight promoters and fighters in the world. Like, he's an exciting fighter so it will be an exciting fight. So it will be an exciting fight. I think I deserve it. However, Roddy doesn't think Ferguson presents the same challenge that Diaz does. So yeah, I think that's what's going to happen.

'For sure [Ferguson is a tougher fight than Diaz]. "The WWE guys have asked him to do shows before with them but the timing was never really right", a source told The Irish Sun.

McGregor is of course coming off one of the biggest drawing PPVs of all time. "I will probably defend my interim belt more times than that dude would ever defend that belt". We've got a 12-week training camp, we can get this sh*t rolling. I mean compared to what UFC rules state, he's got a year to start defending his belt.